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    When to Plant Potatoes

    Planting potatoes

    Plant seed potatoes 2 to 4 weeks before the last frost. Potatoes develop best in the cool weather of spring. The best tuber formation occurs when the daytime temperature is 60° to 65°F (16°-18°C) and night temperatures are about 10 degrees cooler. Where winters are mild and summers are hot, potatoes can be planted in […] More

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    Potato Growth Stages and Growing Quick Tips

    Potatoes growing in straw mulch

    There are five potato growth stages: sprout development, vegetative growth, tuber growth, tuber bulking, and maturation. Potatoes are commonly grown from the eyes of other potatoes, not from seeds. Potatoes used to grow new potatoes are called seed potatoes. Seed potatoes are small tubers, also called baby potatoes. Commercial seed potatoes are specifically grown to be […] More

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    Potato-Leek Soup Simply Made

    Potato and leek soup

    PrintPotato-Leek SoupAuthor Steve Albert Potato-leek soup is simply made with potatoes and leeks from the garden. You can leave the skins on the potatoes if you like. Ingredients3 parts finely sliced potatoes; use boiling or Yellow Finn potatoes, scrubbed well.2 parts sliced leeks (or onions); use only the white parts.Milk or creamSeasoningsOil or butterInstructionsSauté the […] More

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    Growing Organic Potatoes

    Potato plant

    Potatoes are easy to grow organically. Plant potatoes in spring raised beds or mounded beds after the soil warms and dries out. Plant potatoes where they will grow in full sun. To prepare potato planting beds, remove large stones and then add an inch or two of aged compost and well-rotted manure. Compost will provide […] More

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    Potato Planting for Potato Cooking

    Potatoes boile Yukon Gold

    Choose potatoes for planting with cooking in mind. Potatoes for boiling—for making potato salad and home-fry potatoes—should have a low- to medium-starch content. Potatoes for baking should have high-starch content. Low- and medium-starch potatoes keep their shape and remain creamy and toothy when boiled. High-starch potatoes will swell and puff up when baked; they will […] More

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    Cabbage Colcannon


    Cabbage colcannon is a traditional Irish dish of mashed potatoes with milk, butter, and cooked finely chopped onions and cabbage. Easily you can substitute leeks for the onions and kale for the cabbage. Colcannon is a warming and hearty dish commonly served alongside corned beef, boiled pork, or bacon. The Irish often serve colcannon on […] More