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    Sweet Corn Growing Tips

    Corn ears1

    Grow corn in the warm time of the year. Direct sow corn after all danger of frost has passed. Make succession sowings for a continuous harvest throughout the growing season. Three types of sweet corn Corn growing starts with deciding which type of corn to plant: standard, sugar-enhanced, or super-sweet. Standard sweet corn varieties (sometimes […] More

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    When to Plant Sweet Corn

    Corn seedlings

    Sweet corn is a warm-season annual that is commonly planted directly in the garden. It can be started early indoors in individual containers in very short-season regions. Sow early varieties in the garden 2 weeks after the last frost. Sow mid- and late-season varieties 2 weeks later. The soil should be at least 50°F for […] More

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    Fresh Corn Salad Recipe

    Corn Salad Tomatoes and Peppers

    Here’s a fresh harvest corn salad that matches just-picked corn with a handful of cherry tomatoes, a small red onion, a medium bell pepper, and cilantro—and sweet vinaigrette. If you haven’t just picked the corn out of the garden then choose bright green, full husks and look for silks that are moist and flowing. Pull […] More

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    Corn Earworm Controls

    Corn in garden

    Corn earworms are caterpillars that chew into the kernels just inside the husks of ripening ears of corn. Corn earworms also chew tomato fruits from the blossom end, eat into bean pods, and nibble lettuce. Earworms also attacks okra and squash. The corn earworm is a white, green, brown, or red caterpillar with spines. It […] More

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    How to Make Sweet Corn Soup

    Corn Soup1

    Just picked garden corn makes a rich, sweet soup. Make this corn soup with sweet corn, water, and some onion. Serve hot or cold. Choose ears of corn with fresh, green husks. The top of the cob should be rounded rather than pointed. If the silk is brown and slightly dry, the corn is ripe. When […] More

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    Corn Chowder and Summer Flavors

    Corn Chowder

    Corn chowder is a hearty soup. It’s a perfect match for the late summer corn harvest—a whiff of autumn in the air and sometimes a hint of chill. Chowder is an American term with French origins—chaudière is a sort of iron cooking pot. As for corn, the shorter the time from garden to table, the […] More