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  • How to Grow Stevia

    How to grow stevia: stevia leaves

    Stevia is a tropical perennial herb grown as an annual. The sugary tasting leaves of stevia are 30 to 40 times sweeter than granulated sugar—and they have no calories. The leaves can be used fresh, dried, or ground as a sugar substitute to sweeten desserts, fruit, and drinks. Get to Know Stevia Botanical name and […] More

  • How to Grow Tomatillos

    The tomatillo is not a tomato but related to the tomato. Its fruit is used to make sauces and salads and is very popular in Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. The tomatillo has a sweet-sharp flavor recognizable in the green sauce used on chicken enchiladas and fresh green salsa for tortilla chips and tacos. The tomatillo […] More

  • Grow Carrots Anytime of the Year in Five Steps

    Carrots are easy to grow; just give them loose, rich soil free of clods and stones and a soil temperature anywhere between 45° and 85°F. That means you can grow carrots just about any time of the year in raised beds or containers—even in winter with the protection of a plastic tunnel. Short and finger-size […] More

  • Growing Peppers for Flavor: Timely Tips

    Temperature, watering, feeding, and, in the end, patience are the keys to growing flavorful peppers. If you lack one of these, your peppers will be less tasty than they could be. Here are easy-to-follow tips to grow flavorful peppers: Peppers and growing temperatures: Peppers demand warm temperatures: don’t put peppers in the garden until the […] More

  • How to Grow Kohlrabi

    Grow Kohlrabi

    Kohlrabi is a hardy biennial grown as an annual. Kohlrabi is grown for its swollen base which is actually the plant’s stem. The globe-shaped base develops above the ground. Kohlrabi is a good choice for gardens that don’t have deep soils. Varieties with white, light green or purple skins are available. Both the globe base […] More

  • How to Grow Beets

    Beets growing

    Beets are a cool-weather crop. Beets thrive in moderate temperatures from 50°F to 65°F (10-18°C). Sow beets in the garden 2 to 3 weeks before the last average frost date in spring. Continue succession plantings every 3 weeks until temperatures reach 80°F (26°C). Beets can again be planted in late summer or early autumn 6 […] More

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