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  • How to Grow Clary

    How to grow clary: clary sage in gatden

    Clary also called clary sage is an herb with colorful bracts that range in color from pale mauve to lilac or white to pink with a pink mark on the edge. It is a standout in the perennial border. Clary leaves taste much like culinary sage with a warm, pungent camphor fragrance.  Clary can be […] More

  • Peppers, Melons, Eggplants—Hate the Cold

    Cool days and nights can be a problem for tender warm-season crops such peppers, melons, and eggplants. Temperatures in the 40sF won’t kill these plants but their growth will be stunted. Wait to plant out very tender crops until the lowest temperatures do not fall below 50°F/10°C—55 or 60 degrees is even better. If you […] More

  • Corn Varieties: Best Bets and Easy-to-Grow

    There is no substitute for the flavor of corn just picked from the garden. Flavor and adaptability to your garden’s climate are the major considerations when choosing a corn variety. There are three types of fresh-eating sweet corn grouped by flavor: standard corn, sugary enhanced corn, and supersweet corn (adaptability to your garden’s climate–the soil […] More

  • How to Grow Sorrel

    Sorrel is a cool-season perennial often grown as an annual. Sorrel is often grown from root divisions. Sorrel can be grown from seed sown in the garden as early as 2 to 3 weeks before the average last frost date in spring. Sorrel will be ready for harvest 60 days after sowing. Types of Sorrel […] More

  • How to Grow Rutabaga

    rutabaga harvest

    Rutabaga is a hardy, cool-weather biennial vegetable grown as an annual. Sow rutabaga seed in the garden 4 to 6 before the average date of the last frost in spring. Sow rutabaga also in late summer for autumn or winter harvest. In mild winter regions sow rutabaga in autumn for winter harvest. Grow rutabaga so […] More

  • How to Grow Horseradish

    Grow horseradish from crowns or root cuttings planted four to six weeks before the average date of the last frost for your area. Horseradish is a hardy perennial best grown as an annual. Keep horseradish from spreading in the garden by growing it in a container. Description. Horseradish is a hardy perennial grown for its […] More

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